Monday, 20 November 2017

Spellings - (wa)

  1. duck
  2. click
  3. was
  4. wash
  5. wasp
  6. swan
  7. watch
  8. swallow
  9. May 
  10. June
 Extra: swamp, swallow

Thematic Words:  Imam, local, habitat, electronic, over-arm, effort

  • Monday - Phonics: wa - (a) write some 'wa' words in the swan (b) complete each sentence with a 'wa' word (c) give each proper noun a capital letter
  • Tuesday - Adjectives (a describing word) - Use an adjective to describe the head, body and feet of your alien
  • Wednesday - Comprehension:  - Read the story The Camping Trip and complete the questions based on it. 
  • Thursday - Spelling: Write this weeks spelling in a fancy way
Reading -  Read the passages Greenhouses (Monday) and Sun Showers (Wednesday), re-tell in your own words and orally answer the questions at the bottom of the page.

  • 2 digit addition and subtraction with some regrouping
  • Word Problem
  • Tables Champion 7+

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